A little about what I do!

Main Hustle

Marketing Strategist @ Titan & Flock

Titan is the first professional email suite that helps you build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your customers and Flock is a team communication app for businesses to help them communicate and collaborate better internally as well as externally! I have worked across Sales, Customer Success and Marketing #startuplife and am currently a full time marketer! I work across the marketing funnel on various initiatives and posses a good understanding of the SaaS marketing framework!

Just for Fun

Meme Admin @ RelatableBollyMemes

Born from the curiosity of learning social media was RelatableBollyMemes. As the name suggests, I make memes about relatable everyday instances with a twist of Bollywood! Starting this page made me realise two things, I now understand some nuances of the social media world and am fairly funny as well 😂

My Blog

As they say, if you don't write - you're not a real marketer. So here's me trying to prove I really am!


Why traditional Demo Request Forms are just not good enough anymore!

Developing a Critical Thinking Mindset

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